Don’t Judge Your Process Solely by Results

By, 10/22/2015

One of the most frustrating parts about the job hunt can be the hunt itself. Searches lasting weeks, months or longer discourage even the most determined applicants. Though rejection letters demoralize and may tempt you to make radical changes to your approach, take the opportunity to honestly assess what you’re doing before implementing wholesale adjustments.

For example, if you aren’t getting responses to your initial inquiries, how are you contacting companies? If you’re applying through a third party jobs website, your resume may just be one of many sitting in an idle mailbox. Consider contacting someone directly in the company’s Recruiting or HR department to confirm your application has been received. Are you getting interviews but not passing the first round? Perhaps you need practice answering questions to build your comfort level. Or maybe you’re getting to the final round but don’t receive an offer. Remember, businesses can’t hire all qualified candidates, and the final decision may come down to a minor detail completely out of your control. There isn’t much for you to change, then—it just means you need to keep plugging away. If your process is sound and professional, trust it and adjust as necessary—and it will eventually lead you to a job that works for you.