Dressing for Success

By, 12/29/2011

Need to update your business wardrobe? Career Builder recently surveyed over 500 executives about their personal style and published the results in a handy infographic.

Those preparing for job interviews may find it useful to know most female executives prefer black suits, while men opt for navy blue. Grey is a suitable alternative for anyone looking to mix things up a bit.

For everyday career wear, business casual was the most popular choice. For men, that typically means neatly pressed trousers and collared shirts, perhaps with a sweater on a cold day. Ties are optional, but always a nice touch. Ladies have a broader range of options: Modest skirts and trousers are equally suitable, as are blouses and button-downs. Blazers and sweaters can help keep you warm when the office air conditioner is cranked up. If you don’t feel like wearing heels, dressy flats can be perfectly acceptable too.

With just a bit of effort, you can dress professionally, stylishly and comfortably.