Fisher Investments Campus Recruiting

By, 09/26/2011

The campus recruiting season is now in full swing. This month marked the beginning of what is scheduled to be a busy year for the Fisher Investments corporate recruiters in terms of visiting campus recruiting events. In order to keep candidates informed as to where the recruiters will be and when, we have made some updates to this site. I’ve promised of course to keep you updated here on the blog as these events come up, but now there is a designated section to view all scheduled events in one place on Fisher Careers. Fisher Investments Campus Recruiting not only contains scheduled event details, but also helpful information potential candidates may be looking for as they research the firms attending their school’s career events. Extremely helpful is the section on entry level roles typically available at Fisher Investments. I can attest to the fact that this is the number one question asked at a career fair. Researching ahead of time will allow you to make a bigger impression on a corporate recruiter and ask specific questions. Both will get you closer to finding the right fit as you navigate through the recruiting process.