Fisher Investments on YouTube

By, 10/19/2011

For several years now, Fisher Investments has made available biannual videos to provide our clients with visual updates of our market outlook (known as Capital Markets Updates). We have also historically tested virtual seminars that utilize video technology in an effort to bring the in-person client only seminar experience to clients unable to attend. The seminars are just part of the innovative client service model utilized here.

Recently, the Media Team has provided regular video content to the general public via the Fisher Investments YouTube channel, a practice innovative to the financial services industry. In addition to posting Capital Markets Update summaries, the YouTube channel has become a place for Fisher Investments to provide content from some of Ken Fisher’s best-selling financial books, timely economic updates, and in-depth research analysis. Some of the content complements the written columns provided on Fisher Investments’ MarketMinder and some is original video content. Viewing the videos posted to YouTube provides helpful insight into the Fisher Investments investing philosophy as you can gather a keen knowledge of how the research staff looks at certain topics. The information is provided in a straightforward manner and really allows the viewer to form their own opinion.

As a candidate looking into the firm, the YouTube channel is an easy way to learn about the firm and/or prep for an interview with one of our corporate recruiters. A prime example of the videos provided on the Fisher Investments YouTube channel can be found here: US Economic Update