Fostering Innovation

By, 01/16/2013

One reason some companies can stand the test of time is innovation—as the world develops, it’s important to keep up with changes. From associates to senior managers, everyone can come up with ideas that might help the company grow.

These days, many companies have teams or departments to handle new business ideas, so start talking to them! You never know when a small idea can turn into a game-changer. Don’t be afraid to speak up. Even if your idea doesn’t make the cut, managers and other groups will see you’re thinking outside the box and working to develop the company.

To that end, new ideas don’t necessarily have to be new products to sell or services to provide—they can also create more efficiency within the company. Your idea could be the catalyst for a new internal process or more efficient way to complete tasks. These often contribute as much to the bottom line as a new product.

But what if your company doesn’t have such a group? Don’t let that stifle your creativity. Don’t be afraid to take your idea to a manager or supervisor. If it has merit and seems beneficial, your idea may still be able to get off the ground.