Home for the Holidays

By, 11/03/2011

With the turning of the calendar (or I should say with Siri now looking at a new month of data to remind you from) we head into November and the official start of the holiday season. I’m sure you have already spotted the holiday decorations in the stores, and even though we still have a couple weeks before Thanksgiving, the conversation of where you will be for the holidays is already common. Amongst my team here at Fisher Investments, the talk of holiday plane tickets is a hot topic. For some it means taking a tropical vacation, but for many this means heading home for the holidays. Those of you wrapping up your last winter as a college student may even be looking at a couple weeks of the ever so welcomed “winter break”. Instead of planning all the stuff you aren’t going to do during your break – think about your career search. It is easy to get caught up in relaxing at home, especially during these times, but it can also be a great time to start looking at career options.

You now have the time to research without a school deadline hanging over your head, and for those of you who may want to relocate closer to home for your career, this could be the only time all year you are in the location you want to focus your job search on. In this case, you have a unique opportunity to “knock on the door” of those local companies. Contacting recruiting departments to follow up on resume submissions with the addition of “dropping” the fact you’ll be in the area can sometimes land you the holy grail opportunity of the recruitment process – the “in-person interview”. It never hurts to reach out and save a future airfare that could be a hurdle if you are looking for jobs remotely. When I was a corporate recruiter for Fisher Investments, I actually had this scenario play out with a candidate, and it was a great opportunity for both of us as it related to the recruitment process. Take a chance and consider being home for the holidays as your chance at invigorating your job search.