In-House Hiring

By, 11/23/2012

During your career it’s possible you’ll work in several positions. But when it’s time to move to a new role, you may have a hard time figuring out which direction to go—after all, you want to be a valuable employee, but moving into an area you aren’t ready for could hurt in the short (and maybe long) term. Below are some tips to plan your next professional move.


  • Speak up. If you don’t tell your manager, co-workers, acquaintances, etc. about your ambitions, you won’t receive the benefit of their knowledge or networks. The easiest way to stall your career is to keep quiet about what you want.
  • Talk to your manager. Your manger should be aware of your career ambitions and probably wants to help you achieve them. Managers usually have tenure and networking under their belt. If you let yours help, it could help open up a career path you didn’t know existed.
  • Talk to acquaintances in other roles. Departments are rarely isolated in a business. Therefore, you’ve probably met someone in a different role. Take a minute to pick her brain—even if you aren’t interested in the role. The extra knowledge probably gives you a better idea of how your company functions as a whole.
  • Introduce yourself. If you’ve discovered a role you’d like, introduce yourself to potential co-workers and managers. If you do get the opportunity to interview for that job, they may remember you.
  • Be flexible. Even if you feel you’re a perfect fit for a certain department, there may not be need for additional employees—or a more qualified candidate may receive the job instead. So while you should whole-heartedly try for what you want, be open to moving to another position or staying put, too. Your flexibility to the business’s needs will help you stand out.