Internal Career Changes

By, 06/10/2013

Internal movement and transitions are common stops along the career path. Though you may have an advantage applying for a job at the company for which you already work, it’s important to take steps as if you were a brand new candidate.

Even if you’re not sure what you’d like to do next, applying for every available position may not be a good idea. Utilize job shadows or reach out to co-workers in departments in which you have an interest to get more information and narrow down one or two in which you could see yourself working.

Don’t let the fact the hiring manager may already be apprised of your current duties and responsibilities dissuade you from updating your resume or re-writing a cover letter. External candidates most likely have these as well and they can clarify your interest in the role.

Finally, talk to your current manager. It’s important to make them aware you’re looking for a job before you apply. They can also be a great resource for feedback or advice for transitioning to a new job and what your strengths and weaknesses may be.