Interview Mistakes

By, 08/28/2012

Congratulations! You just received a call back from a company to set up a job interview. Here are some tips from a recent article about what not to do when meeting a potential employer:

  1. Don’t confuse an interview with an interrogation. Although you are the person being considered for the position, don’t let the conversation turn into a one-sided question and answer. Don’t be afraid to ask your own questions, too!
  2. Turning a weakness into a positive may not be the right answer. The question “what are your weaknesses” is not meant to highlight faults, but to see how you handle the question. Instead of turning a weakness into a positive, describe something you wish to improve upon and how you are going about doing so.
  3. Don’t just sit around and wait for a call back. Show the interviewer or hiring manager how interested you really are in the position­ by sending a thank-you note, or additional information about you, and follow up a few days later.