It’s Good, Hard Work

By, 01/07/2013

It can be easy to get caught up in aspects of a job you don’t particularly like. Your friends probably do it, your parents likely do (or did) it and your colleagues may also–especially during a busy or stressful time. But focusing on the negative may only make a job seem harder than it needs to be, creating an overall less rewarding experience. So every once in a while make an effort to remember positive job aspects, too.

Reflecting on the good things your job provides (purpose, a paycheck, social interaction, etc.) may remind you why you started a job in the first place, how your career path developed and the experience you’re gaining. Remembering why you made certain choices may reaffirm your professional decisions, and recognizing reasons you like your job likely make you an overall more satisfied employee. And that satisfaction will reflect in the quality of your work and workday.