Look Ahead to Be on Time

By, 10/10/2014

I recently wrote about the “best time” to apply for a job: now! After all, when a company posts a job opening, management is trying to fill the position as soon as possible—wondering if “now” is the right time to apply could cost you the chance completely.

However, if you’re on the job hunt in general, awareness of the calendar can help boost your prospects, especially in certain sectors or fields. For example, retailers tend to hire more seasonal workers before their busy seasons, like the winter holidays. If you’re a college student, don’t wait until the end of the semester or quarter to start looking into and applying to job postings—career fairs tend to be closer to the beginning of the academic semester and recruiters seek to have their hiring classes set by the end.

You can’t time when the perfect job opportunity will come up—doing so would be an exercise in futility—but keeping the time of year in mind can help give you additional ideas of where to look.