Maintaining a Professional Image from the Start

By, 07/08/2013

It’s important to maintain a professional image throughout your career, so starting out on the right foot is key. Here are some steps you can take to look professional and stand out when applying for jobs.

Email is the primary medium for communication when applying and interviewing for most jobs, so having a professional email address is important. You may want to consider changing your handle if it’s something other than, for example, your first and last name. This way your address will be simple and recognizable.

It’s likely an interviewer will reach out to you via phone if they’d like to set up a meeting. That being said, having a simple voicemail message is also key. Though your friends might get a kick out of your funny outgoing message, chances are the interviewer might not be as entertained. Stick to something short and sweet, like indicating your name and a promise to return calls as soon as you’re able.

Additionally, beware of sending resumes and cover letters without proofreading. It’s true everyone makes mistakes, but even one can show the interviewer a lack of attention to detail.