Meeting Deadlines

By, 06/20/2013

Chances are you have deadlines at work—at least one, if not several. Working to meet these can be challenging, so here are some suggestions to help you complete tasks at or before their deadlines.

Create a due list for the deadlines of each of your tasks. Some may not have hard deadlines, but listing a general time by which these should be completed will ensure they don’t fall through the cracks. Utilize a calendar application, if available, to set reminders for when tasks should be finished. Next, plan your work schedule by allocating an appropriate amount of time for each project. You can also utilize calendar reminders throughout the day if you want to ensure you get to multiple projects.

The biggest piece of being able to meet deadlines is time management—and having good time management skills involves knowing when you’re at maximum capacity. But this doesn’t mean you aren’t able to do your job. It just means you have the ability to ask for help or turn down projects if you know they aren’t feasible. It’s better to have these projects delegated to someone else with more capacity to complete them than allow them to be forgotten.