By, 08/13/2012

Whether starting a new job, a new position or looking to boost job performance, fine-tuning organization skills is almost always beneficial. A well-organized desk may help de-clutter your mind (as well as those too-full drawers you’re afraid to open), and the task of organizing itself can give you distance from a stressful situation or a task you’re too focused on.

Personally, I find email organization (or disarray) greatly affects how I feel and go about my work day. For example, I have multiple levels of folders set up to store previously read items, even if I still need to act on them. I find the more specific levels of organization, the better I can navigate current and past work. Furthermore, just about any email system nowadays provides various flags and reminders for marking messages, so storing emails can help keep your inbox folder clear for newer, incoming items, with less risk of losing previous work.

Whether email, hard drive or desk, sometimes organization develops along the way, but I suggest taking a few minutes to think about what works best for you (and your colleagues, if applicable) and why—sometimes simply reaffirming your methods is just as helpful as reorganizing.