Resume No-No

By, 05/31/2012

Looking for a job isn’t easy. And landing that first interview is even harder, especially in the current post-recessionary job market—so some may be tempted to “fluff up” their resumes to increase the response rate from potential employers. However, as Yahoo’s CEO Scott Thomas recently learned the hard way, that really isn’t a good idea.

Granted, the majority of job seekers aren’t in the public eye like Thompson, and hopefully, not many would think they can lie outright on their resumes about their work experience or education and get away with it. Fact is, most employers will run background checks. And in light of the Yahoo scandal, companies are likely to be more vigilant about vetting a potential hire’s experience and education.

So, long story short: It’s fine to be a word wizard and describe your work experience and education as creatively as you like. But whatever you do, don’t’ lie—the truth will either come to light during the interview process or when the background check results come back. And the more honest you are about your experience and knowledge, the more likely you’ll find a job or career that’s right for you.