Staying on Track

By, 11/01/2012

During the workday, it’s easy to get wrapped up in day-to-day tasks. But that often comes at a cost of working on bigger, longer-term tasks. It’s important to complete your daily agenda, but it’s equally important to set aside time for larger and generally less defined assignments.

For example, furthering your education on a subject can be a big and long-term assignment ultimately beneficial to your career. But self-guided education can be overwhelming when starting out.  Maybe so overwhelming you put it off in favor of daily tasks for a couple hours, then a day, then a couple of weeks ….meaning, over the long-term, you complete your daily agenda, but not the big assignment—even if you understand its value to your development.

So, if your schedule allows, try to set aside a half an hour a day to work on larger assignments and projects. Even something as simple as recapping your progress can greatly impact how smoothly your long-term assignments go. An additional benefit: Knowledge from your long-term assignments may help your short-term work—potentially boosting your overall job performance.