Take a Break to Improve Productivity

By, 11/25/2013

Productivity is always good. One way to improve productivity is by taking breaks. In order to keep up with high quality work, recharging every now and then is crucial. In a world full of deadlines and to-do lists with more items than you can complete in a day, productivity is important. It’s easy to push ourselves to the limit in order to complete tasks—but doing so may detract from the quality of your work. That’s why taking breaks is important—at a certain point, your brain needs a breather to recharge.

Stepping away from your work for a break is important for several reasons. For one, concentrating on one task for too long will impact how you think about it. If you step away for a walk or a cup of coffee, you can regroup and get motivated to continue. Additionally, it may help you think about the task at hand differently—especially if you’re stuck. Perhaps your time away will help you think more critically or help you take a different, and perhaps better, approach.