The Only Three Questions that Count

By, 09/07/2011

Although too early for a buzz, there is a faint hum starting around the office here at Fisher Investments about Ken Fisher’s next book. Ken is the CEO and Founder of Fisher Investments and one of his favorite pastimes has always been writing. His pastime has provided the followers of his investment principles with many resources to educate themselves on his philosophy and distinct opinions of the financial services industry. Any new book is heavily anticipated, especially given his past four books have gone on to become best sellers.

Planning for the release of this new book, I find myself thinking about Ken’s past books. Over time I am sure we will cover each of them on this blog. Some are more entertaining than others and some are more educational than others. Some are quick reads, while others are great references. For a candidate looking to educate themselves on Fisher Investments or someone interested in expanding their knowledge of investing, reading The Only Three Questions that Count: Investing by Knowing What Others Don’t is the book I often recommend. It has been listed in investing book lists and reviewers have written about this book being a key to their understanding of some basics in personal investing. I personally enjoy the book because I can actually hear Ken speaking through the words I am reading – his voice truly comes across in these pages. When I was an Investment Counselor and spoke to our clients on a daily basis, I also periodically referenced this book and hear Investment Counselors do so to this day. I think it will always be a timeless representation of how Ken thinks about investing and key knowledge for all of those interested in Fisher Investments.