Warm-up Stretches - Flexibility

By, 08/04/2011

How many of you have seen the recent article circulating around Facebook and Twitter about the “10 Outdated Pieces of Career Advice” to ignore? I came across it and saw an opportunity for a bigger message here for job seekers: Flexibility. Almost all of these ten items talk of flexibility to some degree, but none of them speak to it directly. You can follow some general guidelines during the job search process, but in general one likely to win big points is being flexible with the hiring process, which is inevitably unique to most companies.  Companies may do panel interviews, multiple interviews in one day, or call candidates back to the office for additional follow up interviews. Some companies require you to prepare paperwork before you arrive, while others prefer to give you no advice on how to prepare to see what you come up with yourself. Being able to demonstrate you can adapt to these scenarios not only demonstrates you are flexible, but also that you are independent and confident in what you have to offer as a potential employee.

While it is sometimes perfectly appropriate to ask for an exception to a procedure, think before you do. There are reasons why things are done a certain way at each company. Typically if the company has been in business a long time, they have likely already undergone a trial and error process to see what works best for their hiring needs. By asking for special treatment, you might not make as good an impression as you could have otherwise. If on the other hand your request is genuine and reasonable, most corporate recruiters understand this – they are people after all!  Honesty, combined with flexibility, is important in relationship building and can go a long way in giving you a chance for success in the recruiting process.