You Choose Your Destiny

By, 09/16/2015

Did you take a “career assessment” survey in high school? It probably seemed more like a personality test rather than a rigorous exam aimed at matching your personal talents with the appropriate field of work. Then, after you enter the workforce, you probably found that many of your coworkers took interesting paths to get where they are today. Maybe they started working right after school; maybe they took time off and traveled or pursued a personal project; maybe they’re transitioning from a completely different career. Everyone’s story and journey is different.   

That is why questionnaires and other personality assessments are limited, in my view. Your responses may indicate what you like or what you’re interested in at the moment, but it tells you nothing about where you’ll actually end up. The obstacles and opportunities life presents you with—and how you respond—will do much more to determine your next job and overall career progression. Pigeonholing yourself into a particular field based on an arbitrary test closes you off from a multitude of opportunities—some which may end up being a better fit than you think.