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The Art of the Follow-Up

By, 06/30/2015

So you submitted your resume, talked with a recruiter on the phone and even came on site for an in-person interview. Congratulations! But are you done? Not necessarily—a follow-up message to your interviewer can be a nice touch to wrap up your interview process.

I’m not saying you need to recap your interview or even make an additional pitch for yourself. Rather, consider a simple message expressing your gratitude for your interviewer’s time—because he or she is a busy person. You could also allude to an anecdote from the experience (e.g. if you both went to the same college) to further personalize your message. And if you had any quick follow-up questions, you could ask those here too.

Now, a follow-up note likely isn’t going boost you ahead of a more qualified candidate. It also has an expiration date—your message shouldn’t come more than a couple days after your interview (ideally, you would send it within 24 hours). But in a competitive recruitment environment, every little positive touch helps.

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