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A Fisher Recruiter Shares What Sets Us Apart

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    Adrian M., Senior Recruiter

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As a Senior Recruiter at Fisher Investments, I recruit for different groups across the firm and am the first interview for some of our U.S. candidates. I enjoy providing information about our company and talking about our culture and benefits.  I value the opportunity to share more about what we do.

Candidates often ask what employees like most about working at Fisher.  While the answer may vary by employee, here are three that I hear most often which set Fisher apart and make the firm a great place to grow a lifelong career.

Fisher Investments

The Specialization of Roles

At Fisher, we have specialized roles and a collaborative culture, which we believe helps us better the investment universe and helps our clients meet their long-term financial goals. This specialization means you can become a subject-matter expert and partner with teams that support your success. For example, our sales and service roles are separated, enabling you to focus on what you do best. This focus and specialization are key factors in the growth and development you see in our teams across the Fisher organization.

Career Growth and Development

The firm focuses on helping employees build lifelong careers, encouraging professional development and career exploration. Our Internal Talent Advising, Career Counseling, and Bridge programs are just a few of the available resources that can help employees find and prepare for their next opportunity. At Fisher, we want to make sure you have the support and tools to develop your career.

Open Career Paths

At Fisher, we have open career paths, and your career journey is not prescriptive. No matter what role you start in or stay in, you gain skills and experiences that can open your eyes to other career paths. You can explore a variety of roles at the firm and may choose to pursue an entirely different group from the one you start in, or you can choose to stay in the same area and build your depth of knowledge.