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Anthony’s Fisher Journey: From Intern to VP

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Anthony M. grew his Fisher Investments career from summer Intern to Vice President in just a few years. How did he chart a rewarding Fisher career and find success while providing outstanding service to our clients? The firm’s customized training programs and development opportunities – combined with Anthony’s motivation – empowered him to grow his skills and build an exciting career.


How did your experience as a Fisher Investments Sales Intern help shape your career?

I learned about the internship through a friend on campus that accepted a job with Fisher Investments out of college. He was selected to come back to the University of Alabama and represent Fisher at the career fair, and he let me know about the summer internship. Being a finance major with a sales specialization, it seemed like a fantastic opportunity for me. I was hired for Fisher’s summer 2017 internship and worked with the Annuity Operations and Regional Support Associate groups at the Camas, Washington office.

This was the first internship I had that felt like a real job where I was making an impact. This was also my first exposure to a real corporate environment, and I spent a lot of time shadowing Account Executives and speaking with management. The internship provided me the opportunity to build my personal brand and make connections. This gave me the knowledge and confidence to pursue the Account Executive role following the internship.


Share some highlights of your Fisher Investments career journey.

The first major accomplishment of my Fisher career was being awarded Intern of the Year in 2017. This was the first time I saw myself finding momentum in building a career that I was excited about.

I started working full-time as an Account Executive in July 2018 and after two years was promoted to Senior Account Executive. I spent two years in that role and was then given an opportunity to apply for a Vice President position. After going through our Sales Professional Bridge Program, I was one of seven people promoted into the Vice President role for the US Private Client Group. I have been working in this position since August 2022.


What do you like most about your current role as a Vice President?

After spending four years supporting Vice Presidents to help bring new clients to Fisher Investments, the most exciting thing about this role is having the responsibility and honor to manage more of the new client process on my own. It feels good being able to use my skills to help people, and I attribute what I have learned largely from having great managers.

I meet with people who are looking to understand more about how Fisher Investments manages our clients’ money and the services we provide. I give them more confidence and clarity in their financial situation as they approach or live in retirement. I spend time holding conversations with individuals or families who are looking for help. The goal is to help them determine if Fisher Investments is a good fit for their investment objectives and to support them in the onboarding process along with an Investment Counselor.


How has Fisher supported your ongoing career growth and development?


The first year working as an Account Executive at Fisher was filled with robust training designed to help me develop and educate me on the industry. I loved that first year because it was highly competitive and it was the first time I truly understood what the role required in order to be successful. The firm provided me with a mentor from day one and I was surrounded by people with different experiences and skillsets to help me form a wide base of knowledge.

As an Account Executive, you are often partnered with a Vice President. For me, that was the single best resource to learn from. You get a chance to ask questions about the job, the industry, and more importantly, life. The process and partnership can help you grow into the professional you always wanted to be. Fisher also provides a lot of resources and access to internal research. They invest heavily in you as a person to help mold your skills and give you the opportunity to succeed.


What makes Fisher a great place for someone to work and grow a career?


The opportunity to grow your career at Fisher is my favorite aspect. The decision to come here over other options has allowed me to do things I never would have dreamed possible. From day one, there was a clear path to success; you get rewarded for the effort you put into your job and your results.

Fisher Investments’ mantra of promoting from within and rewarding performance instead of solely focusing on tenure gives you the opportunity to write your own story. It makes me excited to come to work every day, and I am more excited for what is next!

Fisher Investments was my first full-time job after college, and I feel extremely thankful this is where I began my career. I see myself staying here for the long term.


What would you say to someone who is interested in exploring career opportunities at Fisher?


I know many people who decided to take jobs with firms out of college that made them “comfortable”. Fisher Investments can provide you with a new city, a new social group, and a network of people to learn from. Don’t be afraid to take the opportunity to do something different and create your own path; it can be highly rewarding.