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Growing a Family and a Fisher Career

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    Payal S.

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Over the past 10 years, Payal has grown her family as well as her career. At Fisher Investments, she found support to explore new roles and change career paths as her needs and interests evolved. She was also able to relocate her family back to her home state of Florida and now works at the firm’s Tampa office. Payal shares her journey as a working parent, and how Fisher continues to support her long-term career.

Fisher Investments

Share an overview of your Fisher career path and roles.

I found my first home at Fisher Investments in 2013 as a Project Coordinator at the Camas, Washington office, tasked with supporting several of our firm’s technology platforms.  After a year, I earned the opportunity to completely shift my career path from a technology-focused role to the world of entry-level recruiting as a Campus Recruiting Associate. In this position, I strengthened my skills in vendor management, content creation and training, and managed the implementation of our first shared internal database for inventory and event management.

Shortly thereafter, I took on the role of Talent Attraction Program Manager—a role that had never existed at the firm before. My role continued to evolve as the firm and my skills grew, and I onboarded new recruitment marketing platforms, including our current career website and candidate relationship management platform, and launched our first email marketing strategy and careers blog.

You and your family re-located to Fisher’s Tampa, FL office in 2022.  What do you like most about living and working in Tampa?

I originally moved from Florida when I started working at the firm’s Camas, Washington office in 2013. My husband and I found ourselves taking advantage of everything the area had to offer—the Portland restaurants and breweries, the scenery, the hiking, the seasons, and more. However, after having kids, we wanted to be closer to family and teach our children about our ethnic culture. 

When Fisher opened the office in Tampa, Florida, we felt it was a unique opportunity to make a change that could benefit our children by providing them with more sunshine, new cultural opportunities, and family nearby!

How has Fisher supported you as a working parent? How do you maintain a healthy work-life balance?

Fisher has been supportive of me in my career journey, and I was also pleased with how supportive they were of my journey into motherhood! My schedule and our PTO offering allowed me to easily manage the many appointments that come with being pregnant. The paid maternity leave gave me peace of mind while managing the sleepless nights, feedings, and bonding with my newborn. 

When I returned to work, my team helped me transition back slowly. Some coworkers in similar situations even choose to utilize the firm’s reduced schedule option and work part-time to help balance their new parenting responsibilities or other commitments. As a new mother, I utilized our private wellness rooms as I was still nursing when I returned from maternity leave.

The firm’s Employee Resource Groups helped me find a network of other working parents and professional women to connect with and seek advice. As a working parent, I’ve found that growing a rewarding career is not always just about changing your mind about the kind of role you want at work. Sometimes, it’s about changing your mind about the kind of role you want in life, and whether your employer will allow and encourage you to follow that passion.

What makes Fisher a great place to work and grow a career?

Fisher gave me the space to figure out life as an entry level employee. They supported my ambition for wanting to make a difference where I work, while still making time for life, and getting acclimated in a new part of the country. 

Fisher was my extended family and my entire network in Camas, Washington. Managers and teammates were my sounding board as I started a family and then once I did, they gave me time, space, and compassion as I figured out how to be this new person – a working mother. As my priorities shifted, they made it possible for me to be the mother I wanted to be, while still contributing to my workplace and to my own professional growth. 

Finally, when I realized Camas was just a stop in the longer journey and I needed something different for my family, Fisher supported me. I am grateful to say that Fisher has grown and evolved alongside me, and that has opened many doors and allowed me to be successful both in and outside of work.