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Fisher’s Client Programs are Unique in the Financial Services Industry

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    Josh E., Group Vice President, Client Programs

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Delivering outstanding service and putting our clients’ interests first are core beliefs at Fisher Investments and our global affiliates. The Client Programs group supports this mission by planning and promoting thousands of events each year designed to help educate and engage our Fisher clients who are located around the world.

As Fisher’s Group Vice President of Client Programs, I oversee a team of 40 employees. In 2023, my group managed more than 2,200 in-person and virtual client events, with attendance totaling over 85,000! It’s exciting to see these numbers grow each year, and the positive impact our diverse programs have on clients. Offering a high volume of educational client-focused events is one of the many ways we believe Fisher stands out from other companies, as we aim to differentiate ourselves by providing an unparalleled level of client service.

Having been a leader within our Client Programs group for the past six years, I often reflect on how we continue to expand and evolve our programs to meet our clients’ needs, especially during more challenging periods in the market. I’m proud to share the following insights about how Fisher’s Client Programs are unique in the financial services industry:

Focusing on education instead of sales

Unlike other companies in our industry, our client events do not involve sales or prospecting. Instead, we focus on providing education, with presentations covering subjects such as Fisher’s market forecast, portfolio strategy, financial planning tools and tactics, and other special topics. We want clients to understand the market, our outlook, and the resources available to support them through their financial journey.

Offering event variety to meet clients’ needs

We offer six types of Fisher Client Programs in hundreds of cities around the world in both virtual and in-person formats. These diverse offerings include larger Fisher Forecast seminars, moderately sized Client Forums, intimate Investment Roundtables, formally presented Forecast Webinars, interactive Client Video Conferences, and social Fisher Friends events. We are constantly testing and evolving our programs to deliver unique and impactful events to meet clients’ needs.

Providing access to Fisher decision-makers

We want clients to be well informed and know we are accessible and transparent at Fisher. As such, many larger events are presented by Fisher’s senior decision-makers. Our founder Ken Fisher and other portfolio managers host multiple client presentations each year and share Fisher’s forecast, valuable market insights, and reflections on the outcome of our decision making, in addition to answering client questions.

Reaching out during market downturns

When we hit a downturn or bear market, unlike many financial advisers at other companies, we proactively reach out to clients and increase our communication efforts and cadence of events. Providing access to financial resources and transparency to information is important to help maximize the likelihood our clients will achieve their long-term financial goals. And while many companies found they could save money by limiting in-person events, we steadily increased them over the past few years.