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Employee Recognition Makes an Impact

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    Erin H. Employee Experience Team Leader

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At Fisher, recognition is a compelling part of our company’s culture. We make authentic recognition the norm across every level, role, department, and country to reinforce employees’ outstanding work, and their contributions to our clients and the firm. Working in a role that is focused on recognition, an area I am passionate about, has been a very rewarding part of my Fisher career journey.

Fisher Investments

Over the past 14 years, my Fisher career has covered 3 offices and 9 different roles. After becoming the Recognition Program Manager in 2018, I earned the opportunity to manage a team dedicated to these efforts. Now as an Employee Experience Team Leader, managing Fisher’s global employee recognition program, I can share my enthusiasm for helping people feel seen, heard, and valued.

Recognition is an area of importance across the Fisher organization; we believe people should be rewarded and recognized for the work they do. Our global recognition program supports employees and managers with recognition resources, tools, and training. These resources empower all to participate in a variety of recognition activities and help cultivate a rewarding experience. As the program has grown, we have been able to elevate employee recognition and enhance the employee experience at Fisher. Meaningful recognition helps create a workplace culture where people want to build long-term careers.

Fisher’s recognition program is innovative, inclusive, and engaging. It is offered year-round, and employees have the chance to share peer-to-peer recognition and take part in celebrations and events. At Fisher, we promote a holistic recognition experience; we want employees to turn their recognition moments into memories. Here are some of the ways our employee recognition program stands out:

  • A dedicated Employee Experience team oversees our recognition program and activities.
  • Our Stellar recognition platform allows employees to participate and share recognition.
  • Employees can be awarded recognition and points for exhibiting Fisher’s Vision and Values.
  • Stellar recognition points can be redeemed as merchandise, gift cards, or travel experiences.
  • Fisher’s program includes opportunities for written peer-to-peer recognition, service anniversary recognition, team events, employee appreciation events, and awards.
  • The program is constantly evolving with new awards categories, new experiences, and new events.

Recognizing employees’ great work and celebrating their wins and achievements is something we value as an organization. Whether it’s through firm-wide events, team events, or individual recognition, Fisher is committed to showing appreciation to employees because their hard work and contributions in support of our clients make our success possible.